We deliver power to your applications since 1997

BKE a.s. is a private Czech company dealing with the development and production of technologically advanced switching power supplies and inverters, with high operational reliability. All products from the portfolio of BKE a.s., are the result of our own development. Power supplies, power supply systems and inverters with the BKE logo are used in sophisticated power supply solutions for industry, telecommunications, photovoltaic, energy or railway applications. The company offers a high level of cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, the possibility of custom product development according to customer requirements, or customization of standard products. A professional approach to consultation and development of products is our standard.

BKE's products entered the markets in 1997 and since then they have found a number of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Austria, India and other countries around the world, where about a third of production goes. From originally simple switching power supplies for consumer use, development and production have gradually shifted to the production of equipment for demanding conditions, for example in the energy, telecommunications, railway security or defense industries. The portfolio of products offered is constantly innovated and products that are the result of the latest developments are put into production. The parameters of the power supplies are constantly being improved and long-term experience and the latest knowledge in the field are being reflected in the development of our latest products.

Specialization. Tradition. Experience. Quality.

An experienced team of technical staff specializes in the solution of switched power supplies and other devices working on the principle of primary switching. In this area, the company follows modern development trends, such as the implementation of remote diagnostics via the Internet or advanced battery management, which gives these products the opportunity to apply in new and demanding applications. The innovative approach is based on long-term experience with the development of switching power supplies and the development of control software. Emphasis is placed on the reliability and longevity of products, which brings with it the selection of quality components from reputable manufacturers and demanding internal testing of each product. This is also confirmed by the above-standard length of the warranty for selected products.

BKE a.s. has its own development and production base with an increasing number of employees and the constant expansion and improvement of technological equipment and processes. According to the number of employees BKE a.s. belongs to a group of medium-sized companies with the potential for stable growth in their own grounds near Brno. Own product design together with an efficient production unit and quality management of the company using the ISO9001 quality system is a guarantee of high quality and stability of manufactured products.

We manufacture and develop

  • AC/DC switching power supplies in DIN design, with an output power of 15 to 1200 W, used mainly in industry, telecommunications and energy.
  • AC/DC switching power supplies for backup power supply with the possibility of remote diagnostics via the Internet in DIN design, with an output power of 100 to 1200 W.
  • AC/DC modular power supplies for backup power supply with the design in 19 ″ switchboards, with an output power of 200 W to 15 kW.
  • DC/DC switching converters in DIN design, with an output power of 30 W to 300 W, for universal use, with a wide range of input and output voltage combinations.
  • DC/DC switching converters in DIN design, with input voltage up to 1500 V DC, designed mainly for diagnostic systems of PV power plants.
  • DC/AC inverters with the design in 19 ″ switchboards with an output power from 300 W to 2.5 kW with the possibility of parallel operation, designed for use in backup power supply systems.
  • 19 ″ DC and AC switchboards, according to the customer's project documentation using BKE components
  • Special AC/DC and DC/AC converters for the defense industry and customer products of the above categories

Certification ISO9001:2015

BKE a.s. company is a proud holder of the certificate ISO9001:2015.