The instructions apply to firmware version 1.1.8 and higher. Lower versions cannot be updated.

Supervision settings (network connectivity, alarms) are retained even after the update. The firmware version can be found in the supervision in the top bar.

Process of update:

  1. Start a web browser and load the basic supervision page (default IP:
  2. Select the "System settings" (the default user is "System" without a password)
  3. In the "Choose file with firmware" box, select the file with the .eti suffix
  4. Click on „Upload“
  5. Question „Do you really want to update new firmware?“ confirm with „OK“
  6. Wait approx. 15 s. and you will see: „Uploaded successfully, please wait to complete the process.“
  7. Wait for approx. 15 s, the main supervision page will start with new firmware and preserved settings.
  8. Done