DC/DC converters

Power supplies designed for demanding power requirements of industrial automation and telecommunications technology.

TypePower rangeInput voltageOutput voltageOutput currentNoteSpecifications
SS-30-050/DIN 20-32V30 W20-32 V5 V4,0 A30309015Download
SS-30-050/DIN 36-60V30 W36-60 V5 V2,5 A30309528Download
SS-30-120/DIN 10-18V30 W10-18 V12 V2,5 A30309514Download
SS-30-120/DIN 20-32V_4kV30 W20-32 V12 V2,5 A30309018Download
SS-30-120/DIN 36-60V30 W36-60 V12 V2,5 A30309507Download
SS-30-240/DIN 10-15V30 W10-15 V24 V1,0 A30309021Download
SS-30-240/DIN 15-40V_4kV30 W15-40 V24 V1 A30309502Download
SS-30-240/DIN 20-32V_4kV30 W20-32 V24 V1,2 A30309505Download
SS-30-240/DIN 36-60V_4kV30 W36-60 V24 V1,0 A30309515Download
SS-30-480/DIN 10-15V30 W10-15 V48 V0,6 A30309521Download
SS-30-480/DIN 20-32V_4kV30 W20-32 V48 V0,6 A30309518Download
SS-30-480/DIN 36-60V30 W36-60 V48 V0,6 A30309517Download
SS-75-120/DIN2_18-36V75 W18-36 V12 V5,8 A30759217Download
SS-75-120/DIN2_36-72V75 W36-72 V12 V5,8 A30759213Download
SS-75-240/DIN2_10-15V75 W10-15 V24 V3,1 A30759214Download
SS-75-240/DIN2_18-36V75 W18-36 V24 V3 A30759218Download
SS-75-240/DIN2_36-72V75 W36-72 V24 V3 A30759215Download
SS-75-240/DIN2_80-135V75 W80-135 V24 V3 A30759203Download
SS-75-480/DIN2_18-36V75 W18-36 V48 V1,5 A30759216Download
SS-75-480/DIN2_80-135V75 W80-135 V48 V1,5 A30759202Download
SS-150-120/DIN 20-32V150 W20-32 V12 V10 A31509201Download
SS-150-240/DIN 9-18V150 W9-18 V24 V5 A31509205Download
SS-150-240/DIN 36-60V150 W36-60 V24 V5 A31509202Download
SS-150-480/DIN2 20-32V150 W20-32 V48 V3 A31509203Download
SS-180-120-240/DIN2_36-72V180 W36-72 V12 V/24 V5 A31809501Download
SS-300-240/DIN_72-144V300 W72-144 V24 V12 A33009503Download
SS-300-480/DIN_72-144V300 W72-144 V48 V6,25 A33009502Download

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