DC/AC converters

Power supplies designed for demanding power requirements of industrial automation and telecommunications technology.

TypePower (W)Input voltageOutput voltageEquipmentType numberDatasheet
SJ-300-2k3_DT_24V300 20-32 V DC230 V AC 63019009Download
SJ-2K5-2K3_2U2_4kV_220V_BP2500160-290 V DC230 V ACBY-PASS6K259006Download
SJ-400-2k3_DT_4kV_110V40080-140 V DC230 V AC64009005Download
SJ-1k5-2k3_2U2_4kV_110V150072-144 V DC230 V AC6K159009Download
SJ-1k5-2k3_2U2_4kV_110V_BP150072-144 V DC230 V ACautomatic BY-PASS switch6K159010Download
SJ-2K5-2k3_2U2_4kV_110V250080-140 V DC230 V AC6K259007Download
SJ-2K5-2k3_2U2_4kV_110V_BP250080-140 V DC230 V ACautomatic BY-PASS switch6K259002Download
SJD-2K5-2K3_2U2_4kV_110V_BP250080-140 V DC230 V ACremote diagnostics6K259009Download
SJD-2k5-2k3_2U2_4kV_110V250080-140 V DC230 V ACremote diagnostics6K259008Download
SJD-2K5-2K3_2U2_4kV_220V_BP2500160-290 V DC230 V ACremote diag.+BY-PASS6K259013Download

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