AC/DC power supplies with short-term backup

AC/DC switching power supply for powering electronic devices with short-term output voltage backup (UPS function). The backup is created using a supercapacitor.
MicroUPS can be used to supply switch boxes with FRT(fault-ride-through) which correspond to the standard VDE-AR-N 4105.
MicroUPS finds also use in powering control and diagnostic divices (based on PC boards) for controlled shutdown in case of power failure.
The solution is simple, accesible and maintenance free compared to UPS with battery.
Backup time can be from 5 to 40 seconds depending on type of MicroUPS power supply and its load.

TypePower rangeOutput voltageOutput currentNoteDatasheet
JS-20-240/DIN_BUF20 W24 V0,8 AmicroUPS_supercapDownload
JS-20-240/DIN3_BUF20 W24 V0,8 AmicroUPS_supercapDownload
JS-30-240/DIN_BUF30 W24 V1,25 AmicroUPS_supercapDownload

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