AC/DC power supplies for backup power supply

Power supplies designed for demanding power requirements of industrial automation and telecommunications technology.

TypePower rangeOutput voltageOutput currentNoteDatasheet
JS-20-240/DIN_BUF20 W24 V0,8 AmicroUPS_supercapDownload
JS-30-240/DIN_BUF30 W24 V1,25 AmicroUPS_supercapDownload
JS-30-138/DIN_CH30 W13,8 V2 A20309509Download
JS-30-138/DIN_CH_ODP30 W13,8 V2 A20309559Download
JS-30-275/DIN_CH_ODP30 W27,5 V1 A20309561Download
JS-51-138-240/DIN 2A-0.5A51 W 13,8-24 V2A-0.5A20519013Download
JS-51-138-240/DIN 0.5A-1.5A51 W13,8-24 V0.5A-1.5A20519015Download
JS-75-138/DIN2_ODP75 W13,8 V DC5 Acharger VRLA/DDPDownload
JS-75-138/DIN2_CH75 W13,8 V DC5 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-75-275/DIN2_CH75 W27,5 V DC2,5 ANabíječ VRLA bateriíDownload
JS-75-275/DIN2_ODP75 W27,5 V DC2,5 Acharger VRLA/DDPDownload
JS-150-138/DIN2_CH150 W13,8 V DC10 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-150-275/DIN2_CH150 W27,5 V DC5 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-150-545/DIN2_CH150 W54,5 V DC2,5 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-150-138/DIN2_CH_ODP150 W13,8 V DC10 Acharger VRLA/DDP Download
JS-150-275/DIN2_CH_ODP150 W27,5 V DC5 Acharger VRLA/DDP Download
JS-150-545/DIN2_CH_ODP150 W54,5 V DC2,5 Acharger VRLA/DDP Download
JS-300-138/DIN2_CH300 W13,8 V DC20 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-300-275/DIN2_CH300 W27,5 V DC10 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-300-545/DIN2_CH300 W54,5 V DC5,5 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-300-138/DIN2_CH_ODP300 W13,8 V DC20 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-300-275/DIN2_CH_ODP300 W27,5 V DC10 Acharger VRLA Download
JS-300-545/DIN2_CH_ODP300 W54,5 V DC5 Acharger VRLA Download

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