Photovoltaic applications

There are two categories of high voltage DC/DC converters in this product category. The first category (with an output of up to 36 W) is primarily intended to supply diagnostic equipment in Combiner Boxes of large photovoltaic power plants. These inverters convert high DC voltage from the PV string (up to 1500 V DC) to a safe supply voltage of 24 V (12 V) and are manufactured in the power series 10 W, 15 W and 36 W. The second category (with a power of 100 W) is designed to supply electronic devices directly from the traction line of trams and trolleybuses (up to 1500 V DC). The list of available inverters is given in the table below.

High voltage DC/DC converters

TypePower rangeInput voltageOutput voltageOutput currentType numberDatasheet
SS-10-240/DIN10 W300-1000 V DC24 V0,4 A30109503Download
SS-10-240/DIN_1K510 W300-1500 V DC24 V0,4 A30109504Download
SS-10-240/DIN_1K5_LC10 W300-1500 V DC24 V0,4 A30109506Download
SS-15-240/DIN_1K515 W300-1500 V DC24 V0,625 A30159023Download
SS-31-240/DIN_4kV_EN31 W350-1000 V DC24 V1,2 A30319002Download
SS-31-120/DIN_4kV31 W350-1000 V DC12 V2,4 A30319004Download
SS-36-120/DIN_1K536 W300-1500 V DC12 V2,5 A30369502Download
SS-36-240/DIN_1K536 W300-1500 V DC24 V1,5 A30369501Download
SS-100-240/DIN_1K0100 W400-1000 V DC24 V5 A31009501Download
SS-100-240/DIN_1K5100 W400-1500 V DC24 V5 A31009503Download
SS-100-480/DIN_1K5100 W300-1500 V DC48 V3 A31009502Download

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