Switching power supply


TypVstupní napětí (DC)Výstupní výkonVýstupní napětí
SJD-1K0-2K3/2U2_48V_BP36-72 V DC1000 Wsinus 230 V ACOrder
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The SJD inverter series with bypass (BP) are designed to be used as a backup of the mains supply. They allow to supply appliances directly from the mains net (230 V AC) or a DC back-up (battery or power supply in the range of 36-72 V DC). Preference of the AC or DC input, i.e. which one will serve as the main and which one as the back-up input, can be set in production. At the output side, there is always pure 230 V AC/50 Hz (or 60 Hz) sinus voltage controlled in such a way, that its shape always corresponds to the sinus reference at the input, even in the cases of non-linear loads. The time necessary for automatic switching to the back-up in the case of an outage of the preferred mains is shorter than 15 ms, which secures the supplied appliance from any discontinuation. The inverters are automatically synchronized, so its outputs are in phase with the mains.

 The units are designed as a 19” sub-rack, are 2U high and are equipped with controlled forced air circulation with a side suction. Communication port for an  LCD display and alarm relay connector as well as connection points are located on the front panel.

Remote monitoring 

input voltage and current, inside temperatute, conditions of inverter (OK/FAIL), status of  BYPASS, ext. contact

  • Distortion <2,5 % @ nominal load
  • Efficiency min 90%
  • Wide range input voltage
  • Bypass <15 ms

Electrical parameters

DC input:

  • Consumption no load <25 W
  • Internal fuse
  • Protections overload, reverse polarity, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat, inrush current limitation, pure sine wave control 

AC input „MAINS“:

  • Nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz
  • Monitored range 150...265 V AC 
  • Protection 2x replaceable fuse 5 x 20 mm

AC output:

  • Nominal voltage 230 VAC/50Hz
  • Statická a dynamická odezva 1,5% při změně zátěže 0...100%
  • Rychlost regulace <10 ms
  • Přesnost frekvence 50 Hz±0,03% bez synchronizace na “MAINS“
  • Synchronization range 48...52 Hz
  • Output power 1250 VA (1000W)
  • Permissible overload:
    Peak power max. 20 min. (active limitation): 1100-1200 W (1375-1500VA)
    Peak power max. 2 min. (active limitation): 1200 - 1300 W (1500 - 1650VA)
    Peak power max. 20 sec. (active limitation): >1300 W ( - switch off)
  • Crest factor <2,5 @ 1000 W
  • Current of short-circuit 10 A
  • Protections overload, reverse polarity, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheat, inrush current limitation, pure sine wave control


  • LCD Power
  • Alarm output failrelay contact


  • EN60950
  • EMC EN61000-6-2 ed.2
  • EMC EN61000-6-4 ed.2
  • Dielectric strength P-S 4kVAC DC input/AC output
  • Operation temperature -5°C...+45 °C


Warranty 2 years