Switching power supply


For 20 years, we've been helping customers solve the power supply problems of electronic devices. We hereby thank our employees, customers and suppliers for their support and cooperation.

The power supplies types JS-75/DIN2 and JS-75/DIN2_CH are now redesigned for operating temperature range from –20 °C to +50 °C.

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The JS-1200-XXX/DT is a microprocessor controlled battery charger. Digital communication line allows remote adjusting of the charging current  or voltage and alarms and live report of system values and alarms.

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we would like to invite you kindly to personal visit on our booth B4/544 in the Hall B4 on the INTERSOLAR 2013 exhibiton in Munich.

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visit us on our booth (Hall B2/162) at the Electronica exhibition held in Munich from 13.-16.11. 2012, where we present our solutions for power supply in telecommunications, off-grid photovoltaics and battery chargers and management.

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BKE will introduce on the EU PVSEC in Hamburg their modular solution for the solar „off grid“ systems as MPPT charge regulators and their customized versions and AC inverters with high overload for UPS.

At the fair Amper 2010, we have introduced an innovation of the switching power supply with 75W Power, continues to be a new power supply system with remote monitoring and control with output power up to 3.6 kW and a compact system with redundant power up to 400W. More about these products 

The DC/DC converter is to maximise the efficiency of a photovoltaic solar panel. It optimises the loading of the photovoltaic panel in all working modes in connection with the change of ambient conditions. The converter ensures maximum use of the panel by means of the MPPT algorithm and el.