Switching power supply

How to order

Orders can be made several ways, depending the subject of the order.

Order a standard product

Standard products can be ordered directly from the product catalog. In the Products menu, select group of products which includes your desired product. On page of the specific product is table listing all the types of products and their main parameters. On the right side of this table is button Order. Clicking on this button opens a form that can be sent either as a demand or as a direct order. When the order is select, is necessary also enter the item VAT. Order will be considered binding. 

Order of particular solution or change of parameters standard type products

Adjustment of the standard type of product can be ordered only after consultation. On the web site you can enter only the demand, or request for solution. In the Products menu, select the type of product. Under the statement of catalog value is button Individual reguest. Clicking on this button will take you to the form for entering the development or modification parameters of an existing product. In this form, you can specify the requirements for equipment. After considering this demand, we will contact you and follow the order created by phone or via e-mail. 

General Order

If you are not satisfied with the previous options to subscribe, you can order via e-mail. E-mail orders should include items:

  • Contact
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • VAT (in the case of company)
  • The list of ordered products