Switching power supply

About us

BKE a.s. is a Czech company dealing with the development and production of technologically advanced switched power sources and inverters with high service reliability. All products from the BKE a.s. portfolio are the result of the company’s own development process. Sources, supply systems and inverters with the BKE logo are used in sophisticated supplying solutions in industry, telecommunication, photovoltaic, energy and railway applications. The company offers high-quality cooperation with customers, the option to develop custom products based on customer’s requirements or custom modifications of standard products. It goes without saying that we offer expert consultations during development or putting into operation.

BKE products were introduced on the market in 1997 and since then they have found many satisfied customers, mostly in the Czech Republic but also in Poland, Germany, Spain and other European countries. The development and production was reoriented from the original simple switching equipment for expendable use to equipment for demanding conditions in energy industry, telecommunication and defense industry. The portfolio of offered products is constantly innovated and the production is expanded with respect to the latest developments. Source parameters are continuously improved and the production reflects many years of experience and the newest findings.

BKE a.s. develops and produces...

  • AC/DC switched supply sources and supply systems with a wide range of types and designs, for supplying power to electronic equipment used mostly in engineering, telecommunication and the energy industry.

  • DC/DC switched converters for universal use, as well as for photovoltaics with a wide range of custom modifications.

  • DC/AC inverters (OFF-GRID inverters ) designed for backup supply systems and for photovoltaic supply systems,

  • Custom products of the above specified categories in small up to medium series (from 1 to 10,000 pieces a year).


Our experienced and inventive team of technical engineers specializes in switched supply sources and other equipment based on the principle of primary switching. In this field, the company follows the latest trends and implements them thoroughly in its designs. The innovative approach stems from many years of experience with development of switched supply sources. Emphasis is put on reliability and long service life of products, which is confirmed by the above-standard five year warranty for selected products.

The company’s own development base with a growing number of employees and its own production and technology infrastructure allows flexible reactions to requests of individual customers. The high-performance production line, together with high-quality company management utilizing a ISO9001 quality assurance system guarantees the high quality and stability of all manufactured products.